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December 02, 2015

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Top Productivity Tips for Modern Minds

Wouldn't it be great to be a "superhuman"? The kind of person who is reliably productive at work and in life, whose body burns fat optimally, always performs at peak levels (and when needed most), has clarity of thought and focus, and who is emotionally well-balanced most of the time?

Of course it would be great to be this "type", but apart from the bionic TV heroes of the 1970s (and recent films like Lucy), there is no such thing as the perfect superhuman. That's not to say that you can't try to be one. Today, we know so much about optimal diet and exercise, nutrition and supplementation, and even how to focus in ways best suited to leading us towards goals that superhumanity may not be that far out of reach. We also know about "nootropics".

Meet Nootropics

An early 2015 article at TechCrunch told readers that "Nootropics Aren't Just For Tech Millionaires" and then went on to explain what these compounds are and why these "smart drugs" are so appealing to the "brainiacs" of the tech world. Essentially, the author points out that "cognition is the next frontier" of modern science and that nootropics promise new forms of "interaction, social relationships and productivity…"

Naturally, nootropics would be a good fit for the demands of working in technology, with the need to have a higher IQ, lots of mental agility and even more mental energy. But don't we all need that if we are to be as productive as possible? Thus, we should all consider nootropics as a top tip for productivity enhancement.

So, what are nootropics? To keep it simple, they represent a large group of compounds that range from pharmaceuticals to functional foods that can be used as supplements to a healthy diet. People who use nootropics will enjoy the direct brain benefits that they bring, including sharper focus, easing of anxiety and shyness, more energized brains, and far less stress.

Thus, one of the top tips for improving productivity would be to explore your options in nootropics. However, as author Ben Greenfield explains in his book, "Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life", not all nootropics are the same. When looking at the issue, he points out that some are potentially harmful and advises people to avoid them altogether.

Instead, it is suggested that those hoping to obtain greater clarity and productivity look towards natural and fat soluble compounds like phosphatidylserine, amino acids, fatty acids, and many different nutrients and plant compounds. Products like NervaCORE promise true nootropic function and are formulated from the highest quality ingredients. Designed to support brain function, these supplements also help to improve sleep, deliver energy, and help you feel much more focused.

In Addition to Nootropics

Apart from the nootropics, experts such as Greenfield also recommend aerobic exercise (accompanied by music), brain exercises, and minimizing distractions. And that last one may be a lot harder than most realize. After all, we live in a world flooded by distraction. From the apps on our mobile phones and computers to the endless options of social media and Internet browsing, we can easily lose hours of time each day to distraction.

Fortunately, when you empower the brain through healthy diet, regular exercise, and supplementation with nootropics, you enable your brain to fight distraction, to focus on goals at all times, and to remain clear and without any sort of fogginess or haze. Don't overlook the importance of brain health in productivity. The superhumans are super because of their brainpower first, and then rely on their sonic strength or superhuman speed to make things happen. Build a healthier brain and you become much more productive!


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