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November 25, 2015

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Mind and Muscles: Your Fitness and Your Brain

In certain circles, there is a great deal of discussion about the mind and body connection. From studies about the power of the mind in healing or overcoming illness to the connections between focus and muscle use. However, when bodybuilders and athletes discuss such connections, they may not realize how important they are to their overall success.

Whether you’re a long-distance runner, cyclist, weight lifter, or yoga enthusiast, your muscles have direct connections to your mind, and if you use them you will see much better results.

As a simple example of this, consider doing a bit of resistance training by lifting light weights. You are told how to do the lift, and then you do it. Now, instead of just copying the movements of your instructor, visualize the muscles that you are told to use during the lift. Imagine them, alone, doing the work. Picture the muscles contracting, firing, and performing the lift and the lowering of the weight.

If you do this as you perform an actual lift, you will achieve many things. First, you actively recruit and engage the muscles when you focus your mind on them. Second, you are focusing entirely on the physical movement, ensuring that your stress levels are greatly reduced. It is almost as if your exercise becomes a meditation!

Finally, when you enjoy mental focus and clarity, you engage with your body more. For example, you are far less likely to overlook warning signs of stress, illness or fatigue when you actively cultivate your mind, muscle, and body connections. You can determine your level of exertion and drive the outcome of any exercise or routine.

Put Some Mind in Your Muscle

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of mind to muscle connection is the speed at which your body reacts or responds. Think of the benefits of this during competitive sporting events. Your mind to muscle connection lets you react quickly, develop a new strategy on the fly, assess your competition better, and all while on the move.

Naturally, it takes a lot of hard work and conscientious effort to strengthen the mind and body connection, and this is why the field of nootropics is gaining so much ground. In general, nootropics are nutraceuticals, functional foods, and supplements that naturally support stronger mental functions.

When used properly, and formulated from the most effective ingredients, nootropics can give almost any athlete a serious edge. This is because a nootropic, such as NervaCORE, delivers a blend of healthy antioxidants, nutrients, and amino acids that feed the brain, energize it, and provide you with focus and clarity to new levels.

Motivation in the Mind and Muscle

When your brain is properly energized it does not experience that flagging energy that can allow you to give up too soon on a workout or competition. It will allow you to feel motivated because you have clarity of purpose. Focus lets you target specific thoughts, and set aside the rest of the noise in your mind. Not only does this reduce energy consumption and stress, but it also allows you to feel alert and aware.

Because the brain is communicating directly with the muscles, you benefit on every level when you work on supporting your mind and muscle connections. After all, if your brain is sharp and energized, and you can focus on muscle movements and motivation, you can far more easily reach any goals.  

You are not a disconnected set of systems. Your muscles are fired by your brain and its many neurotransmitters, and when you can support the functions in the brain, you will become even more aware of how it is so connected to your muscles, organs, and performance.