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November 18, 2015

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Five Proven Ways to Increase Your IQ

We all know that the term "IQ" is used to describe someone's intelligence, but what exactly is the IQ?

Technically, it means "Intelligence Quotient," meaning it is a measure of your mental abilities. Generally, IQ is tested to gauge your speed of comprehension and your mental quickness. We are often, wrongly, told that we are born with a high IQ and cannot boost it beyond a few points. That is entirely inaccurate and there are actually many ways you can almost instantly bring up your IQ. For example, one article in Men’s Health said you can "fast track" IQ by reading Shakespeare, eating chocolate and/or mint, and consuming protein.

Of course, if you want more than some stimulation that can temporarily improve your mental functions, you can use the five following ways to boost IQ permanently:

  • Supplement - While dietary supplements can often support optimal health, you can take targeted supplements meant to specifically improve mental function. The nootropics are a prime example of this. Created from nutrients, functional foods, and nutraceutical compounds, nootropics are able to support brain function directly, leading to better clarity of thought, improved socialization, focus and clarity, and the ability to overcome stress. They also send energy to the brain, allowing it to enjoy premium function and supporting improvement in the IQ.
  • Exercise - While one Swedish study said that cardiovascular workouts improved brain agility and increasing verbal intelligence, most experts would agree that all exercise helps the brain. Increasing blood flow and allowing you to blow some steam (meaning less stress), helps to improve your ability to think clearly and respond quickly - both facets of higher IQ measures.
  • No more a carnivore - Many studies have shown that vegetarians tend to test higher on IQ scores, leading most researchers to believe that the nutritional qualities of the vegetarian diet support better brain function. Cutting the meat from the diet may increase your IQ measurably.
  • Socializing - While playing games with others is one of the best ways of boosting IQ (we look at that next), socializing itself is a good way to reduce stress, practice focus, and use your mind. Consider that your thoughts tend to wander wherever they like when you are on your own or when you are not required to give attention to others. Simply concentrating, using speech and vocabulary to communicate, and improving your mood will all deliver direct benefits to your brain. This eases anxiety and stress and improves function.
  • Games - Whether you are going to engage in hours of board games with friends, play games of Sudoku during the commute or tackle some jeopardy-type questions on a TV program, you will enhance brain function and IQ. Challenging the brain boosts the fluid intelligence (such as memory and recall), and this always gives your brain more and more mental agility. Of course, it doesn't have to be all about "brain games" and can include video games too. A study " at the University of Rochester, US, confirmed a link between first-person video games and enhanced visual awareness in the ‘real’ world – a crucial building block for IQ." (MensHealth)

In addition to those five steps or tactics, you can also just keep testing your IQ using various MENSA workouts. After all, you use your muscles to keep them strong and limber, and so you must also consider using the brain as well. Taking IQ tests or practice tests will provide increases in the IQ as well. However, as with so much in life, diet and exercise (along with brain boosting supplements) are some of the "smartest" ways to boost your intelligence quotient.


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