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May 04, 2015

Performance boost

Beyond Protein Powder…Nootropics and Performance

There's a new supplement in town, and it is not just another variation on protein powder. Though protein powder does seem to be the ultimate and most common of the different supplements, there is an entirely different category emerging, and you'll want to know all about it.

Before we explore this "new" supplement, though, let's take a second to consider the issue of supplementation on a historic scale. Supplements are not a new thing to humans, and we've been doing it instinctually for centuries. Though most modern people envision "supplements" as the different tablets and capsules, powders and drinks we count on for premium workout results and optimal health - they are more than that.

Think of tribal Ethiopians in the tenth century. They blended lard and coffee beans to consume in order to give them the energy and endurance needed for hunting expeditions. Incan warriors of the 1400s were noted for chewing raw coca leaves prior to entering into battle. (Villepigue)  Clearly, they were groups that used supplements, but not in the form of protein powders or pills. They instinctively noted the effects and benefits of such supplements and used them to obtain something other than definition or bulk. They used them for focus and clarity.

Supplements should not always be meant to build bigger muscles or help boost metabolism. Instead, they can belong to a group of compounds known as "nootropics".


Focus and Clarity - The Best Reason to Supplement

Described by some as "smart drugs", they are often in the same categories as "nutraceuticals" or functional foods that are meant to enhance mental function. In other words, supplements can be purely nootropic, and consumed to improve one or more facets of your mental function.

NervaCORE, as an example, boosts energy and improves your brain function and focus.

How might this improve your workouts? There are several key reasons that a nootropic such as NervaCORE will give you the results you may have been previously unable to attain. Think of what you need when working out…it is not just the ability to lift things and put them down, run mindlessly for a long period of time on a treadmill, and so on.

Instead, you benefit substantially when you:

  • Visualize the muscles that exercises target during your use of them, and in doing so you can be far more certain that you are stimulating and using those muscles properly and effectively.
  • Focus enough to realize when you are working hard enough (or even too hard) and giving your body the training desired. As an example, if you go to the gym, get on the treadmill and then "zone out" watching TV, how do you know you are performing the exercise properly? You don't, and so your ability to focus becomes remarkably important.
  • Reduce the fatigue that comes from multi-tasking. Think about your average day, and it may be a stream of constant demands (even if a lot of them are mental). You need to remember everything from colleague's names and industry terms to being able to speak clearly and socialize on demand. In other words, your brain gobbles up lots of energy, and you'll benefit tremendously if you continue to feed it properly.

There truly is a mind and body connection, and instead of filling up on protein or sugary pre-workout shakes, why not consider the newest "old school" approach - nootropics. Options like NervaCORE can direct essential antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients to the brain, delivering hours (rather than minutes) of benefits.

If you want more focus, energy, motivation, and less stress, don't overlook the newest supplements in town - the nootropics like NervaCORE.


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