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November 30, 2016

Runner Exercise

Uncommon Exercises You're Probably Not Performing

Exercises come in many different categories and forms, yet we tend to stick with the most basic exercises since they already work. However, after you gain experience and time in the gym you will begin to notice significant body changes have drastically stopped. The reason for this is because your body is in need of new effective exercises to add into your training program. Below are a few of the ones you are probably missing out on.


  1. Wide-Grip Reverse Bench Press

This bench press variation targets your upper chest with 30% more muscle contractions than the regular flat bench exercise. Most chest pressing exercises only target your lower pecs, so the end result is the need for upper pectoral focus for better chest fullness. Incline bench pressing has always been used for upper pectoral focus, but a study shows that it only recruits 5% more muscle contractions, which shows the reverse grip press is far more superior.


  1. Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extension

The triceps extension exercise focuses on the longhead of your triceps, which makes up most of the backside of your arm, and is the largest triceps muscle to target. However, this type of extension still uses the other two muscle heads of the triceps. The point of specifically performing them in the decline position is because it has the best muscle contractions available. Studies show that the furthest your arms extend the better, and being at a decline gives you the capability of shortening and lengthening your triceps long head efficiently.


  1. Seated Biceps Half Curls

You might be thinking this is an easier way out of doing the biceps curl at full range, but the exercise is quite beneficial. While in the seated position, you rest the barbell across your lap with hands gripped for normal curls. From this point you curl the bar up from your lap. This is going to increase the power and strength of your biceps, and also allow you to curl heavier loads for better mass gains.


  1. Bottom Position Squats

Want to increase your leg power and strength? Then this is the perfect exercise for you that is similar to the half curls in the sense that you skip half the momentum required. You can also find this under the name “Anderson Squats”. You basically place the barbell across the safety bars on the squat rack to keep it at the level you would be fully squatted. Step under the bar and get into the squat position. From here you push the weight up just like a regular squat. On the way down rest the bar – then repeat.


  1. Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press

This exercise is designed for strengthening your shoulder and core stabilizers. You want to use a moderate to heavy loaded dumbbell for the best results. Simply stand erect and press the weight overhead while keeping the other arm down. Alternate sides and repeat. This is also good for unilateral training to strengthen a weaker side.

All of these exercises are not the most commonly performed, but offer amazing benefits for your training programs. Try each one out once a week for a month to actually know if you benefit from them or not.