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May 31, 2016

tyrosine nutrients

L-Tyrosine Benefits for Athletes

 Supplements allow athletes to go beyond their natural state of training and dieting. The industry for supplements has grown significantly over the past decade, and since then numerous types are being created for athletes to get the upper edge on their training programs. L-Tyrosine is not necessarily new to this date, but is now being implemented into various supplements for sports performance and cognitive boosts.


What Exactly is L-Tyrosine?

You have probably seen this ingredient in numerous supplements available. This is a non-essential amino acid, which means it is naturally produced by your body and does not necessarily need to be consumed to sustain life. However, increasing the amount of this amino acid in your body may prove beneficial for athletic performance and mental boosts.

L-Tyrosine, being an amino acid, is first and foremost used to build protein, which means it is a precursor to muscle repair and growth potential. Secondly, this amino acid is the precursor to functions that affect your neurotransmitters and their ability to send signals down your nervous system. Finally, L-Tyrosine is used by your thyroid for producing several hormones.


How L-Tyrosine May Affect Your Mental Health

As mentioned, this amino acid plays a role with your neurotransmitters, which to be more specific is the release of dopamine. Dopamine allows your mood to feel more relaxed and attentive, thus increasing your mental focus for daily activities and training. Basically you will not possibly space out as much and feel more confident performing daily tasks or even taking an exam for school.

Stress affects your body negatively, and can decrease your mental health, thought process, and athletic abilities. L-Tyrosine can reduce stress levels and put you in a better mood to succeed with daily events thrown your way. Think about it. If you were stressed; would you be able to train properly?

How L-Tyrosine May Affect Your Sport Performance

This ingredient as a supplement is not necessarily a “muscle builder” or “stimulant” that most people associate with training. We often forget that mental focus and alertness play a pretty big role with athletic performance, and for that reason L-Tyrosine can be beneficial when consumed 45-60 minutes prior to training. This amino acid also helps fight mental fatigue and stress, so using it for training keeps you focused on the task at hand.


This Ingredient Works Well with Others

L-Tyrosine can be found on its own in supplement form, but it may prove to be more beneficial purchasing a supplement that contains this ingredient and others that have a synergistic compatibility, which means they work well together by boosting each other effectiveness. For example, a supplement by the name of NervaCORE has L-Tyrosine as an active ingredient along with Vitamin B complex, Guarana, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and several others.

All the ingredients combined in NervaCORE increase your mental focus and awareness while also creating energy and the possibility to burn fat while on the supplement as well. Basically you get multiple benefits opposed to just one or two of them from just L-Tyrosine on its own.